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GlassFish v3 Prelude
软件类别: Enterprise 加入日期: 2008-11-08 语言: 英文软件 授权: CDDL
GlassFish v3 "Prelude" is launching. Expect blogs, articles, and more throughout the day. If all you want is the bits, here they are. This release builds on top of the Apache Felix OSGi runtime, offers great extensibility, support for…
GlassFish v2 最终版
软件类别: Enterprise 加入日期: 2008-08-26 语言: 英文软件 授权: CDDL
b58g is GlassFish V2 Final Build GlasssFish installation requires JDK 5. 1. Download one of the bundles 2. Run: java -Xmx256m -jar filename.jar 3. cd glassfish 4. Run: ant -f setup.xml or ant -f setup-cluste…