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Azureus 3.0
  • 文件类型: 其它
  • 软件大小: MB
  • 软件类别: Clustering
  • 软件语言: 英文软件
  • 授权方式: GNU GPL
  • 运行环境: Platform-Independent
  • 更新时间: 2008-12-17
  • 官方网址:
  • 软件Tag:bittorrent  
Azureus: Vuze Released ! Azureus Vuze is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform bittorrent client and content distribution platform.  
What's new in Azureus Vuze  
FEATURE: UIv3 | Ability to rate directly from rating reminder activity entry  
FEATURE: UIv3 | Added progress spinner animation for the LightBox 
CHANGE: Core | Don't auto-UDP probe on initial announce if tracker not known to support UDP - hit on second and remember outcome  
CHANGE: Core | Improve startup times by taking various torrent-load operations off main thread  
CHANGE: Core | Add reason-messages for update check failures  
CHANGE: Core | Use derived password to protect private key to allow us to persist password  
CHANGE: Core | Get plugin update URL from version server to support potential future switch  
CHANGE: UI | Run explicit tracker scrapes off UI thread to prevent blocking  
CHANGE: UI | Allow UI initialisation to proceed before plugin init complete  
CHANGE: UIv3 | Always start on "Dashboard" tab (unless Advanced UI chosen), instead of sometimes starting on "On Vuze" tab  
CHANGE: Plug | Ensure that DHT republish events are scheduled using absolute time so recover correctly from computer suspend  
BUGFIX: Core | Handle some badly formed torrents more gracefully (corrupt announce-lists)  
BUGFIX: Core | Handle multiple SSL certs from same URL  
BUGFIX: Core | URLDecode torrent filenames  
BUGFIX: Core | Fix non-crypto fallback outgoing connections  
BUGFIX: Core | Better (esp for Vista) detection of and setting of Azureus' .torrent file association  
BUGFIX: UI | Fix broken per-torrent upload speed setting via options tab  
BUGFIX: UI | Fix alternating bg color not updating after changing in config  
BUGFIX: UIv3 | Fix resource leaks related to light box (login window) 

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