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Azureus 4.0
  • 文件类型: 其它
  • 软件大小: MB
  • 软件类别: Desktop
  • 软件语言: 英文软件
  • 授权方式: GNU GPL
  • 运行环境: Linux,UNIX,Windows,MacOS
  • 更新时间: 2008-12-17
  • 官方网址:
  • 软件Tag:bittorrent  
Azureus: Vuze Released ! Azureus: Vuze is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform bittorrent client and open content platform. 
We’ve just released Vuze 4.0 for users of Classic Azureus. Check it out at 
Vuze is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform bittorrent client, content distribution platform and community hub.  
What's New in Vuze 
FEATURE: UIvz | Ability to change List modes in View menu  
FEATURE: UI | Added a 'mark all results unread' menu item  
FEATURE: UI | Added specification of data save directory to config wizard  
FEATURE: Core | Added subscription support to customisations  
FEATURE: Core | Added an 'azplug' URL protocol to allow plugins to handle URLs  
FEATURE: Core | Allow subscriptions to handle azplug protocols thus allowing plugins to be the source of subscription content  
FEATURE: Core | Allow magnet links in search results  
CHANGE: UIvz | Deleting via toolbar now lets you apply action to all selected entries  
CHANGE: UIvz | Search bar shrinks a bit when there's not enough width to display all toolbar buttons  
CHANGE: UI | Date Column auto-sizer now shows day of month (mm/dd) instead of year (yy/mm) when column is small  
CHANGE: Core | Only show feed errors after 3 consecutive fails to avoid distracting transient errors  
CHANGE: Core | Add asset hash to subscriptions and auto-associate existing content on subscribe if avail  
CHANGE: Core | Various performance improvements  
CHANGE: Core | Modify DHT size calc algorithm to take account of firewalled contact  
CHANGE: Plug | Assume buddies support chat  
BUGFIX: UIvz | "Mark All Watched" now only affects completed content (which is also what Unwatched only shows)  
BUGFIX: UIvz | Fix Global Rating column not sorting properly  
BUGFIX: UIvz | (Mac) Fixed closing sidebar entries sometimes showing a blank area instead of selecting a new sidebar entry  
BUGFIX: UIvz | Fixed bug where "My Library" info bar displayed on Downloading sidebar entry  
BUGFIX: UIvz | Fix some notification entries losing their related avatar image  
BUGFIX: UIvz | Log View's "Show Config" button wasn't going to proper config section  
BUGFIX: UIvz | Fix default visible columns, order, and sort column for new installs for "Advanced" library Lists  
BUGFIX: UI | "Show Time" state on date columns now remembered accross sessions  
BUGFIX: UI | Fix "Pieces" column in Library view not updating unless you clicked it  
BUGFIX: UI | Info tab in Torrent Details now displays more columns that it couldn't before (like share ratio)  
BUGFIX: UI | Localize the date in the subscription view correctly  
BUGFIX: Core | Synchonize access to file operations so that an close op can't be interleaved with file facade switching and bork disk channel operation  
BUGFIX: Core | Filter out duplicate skew reports to get more accurate figures  
BUGFIX: Core | Avoid NPE in chat when buddy unauthorised  
BUGFIX: Core | Preserve argument case in magnet link operations  
BUGFIX: Core | Fix mem leak when DHT router IP changed  
BUGFIX: Plug | Use UTF-8 when decoding plugin descriptions 

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